Get Started?

Before you can use our service, at least you have to create an 1Akun app.

1. Login
  1. Click "Get Started" button on top of this page.
  2. Follow the step until you manage to see the dashboard.
2. Create App
  1. Click menu (top right), go to "My App".
  2. Click "Create New" button, and fill the form.
  3. Once you hit "Save" button, your app will be listed on the page.
  4. Done.


Before you can integrate your app with our system, you need to prepare your app.

1. Prepare your frontend
  1. Create a login button (can be in Login page or anywhere else)
  2. If user click the button, it will redirect to the Onboarding link
2. Prepare your DB
  1. Add a column to your users table in your DB called auth_user_id, string (36 chars).
3. Prepare your backend
  1. Create a page or just GET endpoint (Callback URL) (e.g
  2. If any request come, you need to get the auth_code from query string.
  3. Do http request to our system (Exchange Token). See CURL below.
  4. Get the user information from the response (UserData). Then you can use it to authenticate the user.
CURL -L -X POST '' \
  -H 'X-App-ID: your-app-id' \
  -H 'X-App-Secret: your-app-secret' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data-raw '{"code": "the_auth_code_goes_here"}'
4. Create Onboarding link
  1. Go to "My App" again, now click the app name and see your app detail.
  2. Click "Edit" button, add your Callback URL, then Save.
  3. Create your Onboaring Link then put it into your button. See example below.

Authenticate User

After you get the UserData, now you need to authenticate your user.

1. Find or Create User
  1. Get the id from UserData (e.g. user-1234) then query to your DB. Find the user where auth_user_id = "user-1234".
  2. If it doesn't exist, then create a user with auth_user_id = "user-1234". You may also save all of information from UserData to your users table.
  3. Now, you have the user (e.g. John).
2. Login
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